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This entry was posted on Mar 01 2005

ABDesign — that’s shorthand for Arthur Baker Design, which is indeed a mouthful!

This blog is going to be a standin for my online portfolio as well as allow me a venue for making comments and criticisms about the state of design in general.

While the changeover is in progress the next few weeks, please access the old site via this link.

You might ask, “Why is there a car sketch at the top of your site?”

I would respond, “Why not?”

Actually, in a time that now seems far, far away, I studied Transportation Design at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. I have always loved automobiles, and much of my professional design career has been spent within the automotive aftermarket community, including custom wheels and eCommerce site development for automotive accessory vendors.

Lately we’ve dived head first into the blogging world resulting in this particular WordPress installation as well as personal blogs and blogs for clients, all of which will be featured for your perusal and comment.

So, please enjoy your look around our world, and if we can help you with any of your design project needs, contact us at “info (@) arthurbakerdesign (dot) com”.

Arthur D. Baker

5 Responses to “Welcome to ABDesign”

  1. This is pretty cool! I can’t wait to see what else you’re going to do. You go!

  2. Thanks, Stacy.

    Hopefully I’ll be doing a LOT! I know that you have a great number of projects in the works and I would love to help you with them in any way I can.


  3. Hi Arthur,

    I saw your post on the WordPress support page here and would love to know, in more detail, how you get the trackback URIs to print on the page. can you clue me in?


  4. Go to where you will get this php call:

    Place that in your comments.php file in the theme that you are modifying at the point where you want them to show. It’s been a few weeks since I did this so now I’m a bit fuzzy on it, but since I don’t rember how to post code in this comment section I’ll email it to you.

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