Article VI Blog Relaunched Today

Comments Off on Article VI Blog Relaunched Today | This entry was posted on Nov 21 2007
Article 6 Blog was relaunched today, in a brand new format that uses the WordPress engine as a content management system as well as functioning as a traditional blog. Full audio and video podcasting is being implemented as the site will feature timely interviews with the movers and shakers in both the religious and political theaters.

Your obedient designer was the point guy on both the design and the extensive coding modifications of an available WordPress template. Definitely not just a style sheet overhaul, the main theme php files were severely worked over, with the famous WordPress loop redefined to allow multiple loops on a single page, each showing information from specific categories in different manners. Much appreciation goes out to the author at Perishable Press and his definitive tutorials on how to make multiple loops play nice inside WordPress.

Congrats to the bloggers, John Schroeder and Lowell Brown over at A6B for creating such an exciting blog premise, and thanks for trusting in ABDesign to rework your very special blog.