Cheat-Seeking Missiles Relaunched

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Cheat-Seeking Missiles Relaunched

Cheat-Seeking Missiles

Laer Pearce’s Blogger blog was relaunched today, 6/26/2008, at its own hosted URL, Arthur Baker Design got the honor of doing the design work and the WP installation. Like with the A6B blog, we used a multiple placement of the WordPress loop in his template design to allow a newsletter type of placement of posts in a special area of his main page dependent upon which category that post is assigned to. We also implemented all the latest/greatest WP Ajax-powered plugins for the blog presentation and for the admin side. WP 2.5x is quite amazing — here at ABDesign we are very much jealous of Laer and all his new toys. Now to find the time to upgrade ourselves!

Congratulations Laer — Happy blogging!