For the model year 2000, RollerBall International created two new lines of soft-boot models, important additions to their already extensive lines of kids and adult skates. Check out a few of the Y2K catalog pages below and visit RollerBall Skates at to see all the latest models and to buy direct at their online store.

Except for the cover shot (provided by Corbis Images), photos for these skate catalogs were provided by Jeanine Hill Photography. The original photos are great!  All digital image modifications are the responsibility of Arthur Baker Design.


RollerBall International
Y2K Catalog

All the new RollerBall models for Year 2000

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CARBON model page          GFX®4 Sports page              EzRiders™ page                 Technical page

You can shop in the RollerBall Online store via the following link:

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