ABDesign has been involved with local organizations for many years, helping them to prepare informative news outlets for their supporters. In all of the projects below, ABDesign worked with the "Gentry Group" of Santa Monica who was the publisher for these new letters and who was the special events firm responsible for putting on the SONY E3 PlayStation party.

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OPCC Currents

The Ocean Park Community Center published it semi-annual "Currents", which showcased the work of its individual organizations, Turning Point Shelter, Day Break Shelter, Sojourn, and others. Key individuals for each group provided the stories and information, plus OPCC benefactors were listed once each year. ABDesign provided the graphic production for "Currents" for many years and was proud to be involved with this important, community based organization.

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Sojourn News Quarterly

A part of the Santa Monica based Ocean Park Community Center (OPCC), Sojourn is a shelter for battered women and their children. ABDesign was proud to be a part of this important work, with a complete redesign of their quarterly journal, as well as the graphic preparation of it for several years.

The news quarterly reported on issues of legislation and community activities related to the support for battered women, as well as honoring those individuals and organizations who gve of their time and efforts in support of the cause.

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Invitation to the "Coming Out Party"
             (for the SONY PlayStation)

Held at the Santa Monica Airport during E3,
the numerically controlled invitations became
the "hottest" tickets at the show!

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