The Sporting Goods Market has been more than a little volatile in the last 1/2 of the '90s, and nowhere was this more evident than in the category of inline skates.

Arthur Baker Design joined in the adventure to market a new—revolutionary—patented inline skate concept known as RollerBall in the fall of 1993. ABDesign provided package comps for initial marketing efforts at trade fairs, and then executed the finished packaging graphics for the initial production of the RB® 2-ball models.

After the RB® line was established and being sold internationally, ABDesign worked with RollerBall to develop a revised 2-ball chassis, the original GFX which began production in fall, '96. At the same time, ABDesign was working with RollerBall on it 1st 4-ball model, the alloy G-Force® line, which was introduced at the summer NSGA show in Chicago. Throughout this time period, ABDesign provided the catalogs, price lists and other literature needs as well as trade show exhibit layouts and graphics.

With the Initial Public Offering of RollerBall International Inc. in April '98, Arthur Baker joined the company as Vice President of Design, Engineering and Manufacturing, serving in that capacity through February of 2000. Today, RollerBall International Inc. continues to be a valued client of ABDesign.

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— RollerBall International Y2K Catalog —

All the new RollerBall models for Year 2000

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— Early RollerBall 2-ball Catalog —

The full line of original 2-ball skates

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— RollerBall GFX 2-ball Catalog —

2nd Generation of the 2-ball skate

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