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See some of the wheels in action on real cars! Click on the images below for large views.

Mazda Miata


Infiniti Q45


 Last Updated:
September 06, 2002

Trained in Transportation Design at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Arthur Baker naturally gravitates towards projects automotive! As an outside consultant and later as in-house Director of Design & Engineering at Senter Engineering Corporation and as an outside consultant for MHT, Arthur Baker provided product designs for the following wheel brands: SEC Wheels, MHT Luxury Alloys, Cragar Wheels, Boyd's by Cragar, Centerline, Senter/Steaker Racing, SEC Racing Wheels and various private labels.

Shown below is a small selection from that body of work. Photos for these wheel products and of the automobiles were provided by Jeanine Hill Photography. The original photos are great!  All digital image modifications are the responsibility of Arthur Baker Design.

Go to Larger MHT Coronado

MHT® Coronado

Classy, elegant chrome plated alloy wheel, designed to complement the semi-conservative styling of luxury cars in the mid '90s: the Lexus ES300, Infinity J30, Cadillac STS & Eldorado, etc.

(Click on image at left to see a larger view of this wheel design.)

Go to Larger Robo Wheel

SEC Robo™ Wheel —

Senter Engineering Corporation was a veritable newcomer to the automotive aftermarket in 1990, but the Chairman of the board, Lou Senter had been making aluminum wheels for decades.

The Robo™ wheel, with its "show-car" styling, featured a unique in its day blend of machined and as-cast surfaces.

(Click on image at left to see a larger view of this wheel design.)

Go to Larger View of Opus

MHT® Opus™ Wheel —

Is it a 5-spoke or a 5-window design? The careful balance of positive and negative in this wheel, especially when chromed, allows it to look great on a wide variety of vehicles.

(Click on image at left to see a larger view of this wheel design.)

Go to Larger View of Convex

SEC Convex™ Wheel —

Senter Engineering Corporation made multi-piece racing wheels for sprint cars, modifieds and super-modifies. Out of this experience came their line of 3-piece road wheels. Convex was designed for light trucks and rear-wheel drive cars.

(Click on image at left to see a larger view of this wheel design.)


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