Q: Is this an original AB Design WordPress Theme?

  • No — This theme is called Portfolio Press and was created by Blog Oh! Blog, a purveyor of both free and premium fee-based themes for the WordPress platform.

Q: Why use an available theme, why not create your own?

  • Basically, because I really like the looks of this one! Also, as I tell my clients, if we can start out with an availble theme that is close to what you want/need, that saves you both time and money. Works the same for me. Besides, I can’t leave well enough alone and am already “tweaking” this theme to suit my needs and to cater to my own aesthetic.

Q: “Tweaking” — What’s this tweaking all about?

  • Simple — We can take any existing theme with a Creative Commons License and modify to a combination of your hearts desire and and your budget’s pain threshold. Often what we end up with looks little to nothing like the original, however the performance features and special options that drew your attention to the theme in the first place remain. A win-win, as “they” say!

Q: I really want my own, unique theme from scratch. Possible?

  • Absolutely — the more that we install WorpPress as a CMS for various clients the greater our repertoire of unique WP look-&-feel applications.

Q: How do I get started?

  • Send your inquiry to Info (at) arthurbakerdesign (dot) com and we’ll contact you promptly.