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The newest site we have worked on is, which promotes the new book by Laer Pearce, Crazifornia. Laer has done a remarkable job documenting how the Golden State of California has become the dysfunctional Tarnished State of Crazifornia. In Laer’s words:

  • When the agency responsible for California’s roads spends $4 million on new cars and trucks, then parks them, unused, for two years, that’s Crazifornia.
  • When cancer warnings are required on buildings because they may contain estrogen or testosterone, that’s Crazifornia.
  • And when a full-frontal governmental assault on jobs and business drives enough people out of a state in ten years to double the population of Oregon, well, that’s Crazifornia too.

Pay a visit and get yourself a copy. It’s entertaining, and educational. After all, what begins in California usually spreads like a communicable disease to the rest of the U.S. so you might need to know the warning signs in order to urge your state governments to inoculate themselves from this madness…

Cheat-Seeking Missiles Relaunched

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Cheat-Seeking Missiles Relaunched

Cheat-Seeking Missiles

Laer Pearce’s Blogger blog was relaunched today, 6/26/2008, at its own hosted URL, Arthur Baker Design got the honor of doing the design work and the WP installation. Like with the A6B blog, we used a multiple placement of the WordPress loop in his template design to allow a newsletter type of placement of posts in a special area of his main page dependent upon which category that post is assigned to. We also implemented all the latest/greatest WP Ajax-powered plugins for the blog presentation and for the admin side. WP 2.5x is quite amazing — here at ABDesign we are very much jealous of Laer and all his new toys. Now to find the time to upgrade ourselves!

Congratulations Laer — Happy blogging!

Most Valuable Majors — Joomla/eCommerce Site

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Most Valuable Majors

ABDesign is proud to have helped a young Los Angeles entrepreneur get his Joomla 1.5x powered website recreated, back up and running complete with an OSCommerse powered online store. Joomla is the cutting edge content management system powering multitudes of websites around the world giving the site owner/manager unparalleled ease of content additions and modifications.

Join MVM as they become the ESPN of Academia, focusing on those who are passionate in their pursuit of knowledge.

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iMediaScience is a newly launched Internet site for MediaSciences Partners, L.L.P. that will take their visitors on an exciting “subscription only” ride through such heavy concepts as Life After Death, new meanings found in careful examination of a Gainsborough painting and their seeing an impending “Collapse of America”.

Heady stuff for those that wish to pay for it!

Article VI Blog Relaunched Today

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Article 6 Blog was relaunched today, in a brand new format that uses the WordPress engine as a content management system as well as functioning as a traditional blog. Full audio and video podcasting is being implemented as the site will feature timely interviews with the movers and shakers in both the religious and political theaters.

Your obedient designer was the point guy on both the design and the extensive coding modifications of an available WordPress template. Definitely not just a style sheet overhaul, the main theme php files were severely worked over, with the famous WordPress loop redefined to allow multiple loops on a single page, each showing information from specific categories in different manners. Much appreciation goes out to the author at Perishable Press and his definitive tutorials on how to make multiple loops play nice inside WordPress.

Congrats to the bloggers, John Schroeder and Lowell Brown over at A6B for creating such an exciting blog premise, and thanks for trusting in ABDesign to rework your very special blog.

Relaunch of

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ABDesign has just launched the all new TeamXenon website for American Best Car Parts Inc. Just in time for the 2006 SEMA show, this site features the urethane body kits and acrylic lighting accessories for their Xenon and GT Styling product lines. Incorporated into the site is a WordPress powered blog, which ABCP will use to keep their dealers and customers upsated on all their newest product applications.

Future plans include a forum for end users to showcase their customized rides, and a fully interactive online catalog of their SKUs for their authorized dealers convenience. A ZIP-code based Dealer Locator lets anyone find the nearest stocking dealer for either or both product lines.

Thanks Team Xenon for having ABDesign be the point guys on this project!

A New Blog Is Born

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Check out Article 6 Blog which just launched today.

Article 6 blog

ABDesign set up the site and the WordPress blog for two talented bloggers, John Schroeder (Blogotional) and Lowell Brown (Hedgehog Blog) and wishes them much success.

Welcome to ABDesign

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ABDesign — that’s shorthand for Arthur Baker Design, which is indeed a mouthful!

This blog is going to be a standin for my online portfolio as well as allow me a venue for making comments and criticisms about the state of design in general.

While the changeover is in progress the next few weeks, please access the old site via this link.

You might ask, “Why is there a car sketch at the top of your site?”

I would respond, “Why not?”

Actually, in a time that now seems far, far away, I studied Transportation Design at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. I have always loved automobiles, and much of my professional design career has been spent within the automotive aftermarket community, including custom wheels and eCommerce site development for automotive accessory vendors.

Lately we’ve dived head first into the blogging world resulting in this particular WordPress installation as well as personal blogs and blogs for clients, all of which will be featured for your perusal and comment.

So, please enjoy your look around our world, and if we can help you with any of your design project needs, contact us at “info (@) arthurbakerdesign (dot) com”.

Arthur D. Baker