Alloy Wheels

Wheels! The meat of the automotive and truck aftermarket. A national sales manager once said to us that the "Wheel Business" was great, because people were spending "happy money"! What he meant by that was that they didn't have to buy new wheels, they just wanted to, and when they did, it made them very happy!

Our firm has been involved with the automotive aftermarket since 1989, supplying wheel product design, catalogs and advertising for SEC, MHT Luxury Alloys, and Progressive Wheels.

Below are just a few of the printed materials created for these companies. Click on an image to see larger views and extra pages from each company's catalogs.

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MHT Luxury Alloys
Vehicle brand specific sheets

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MHT Luxury Alloys
Full line catalog for '93 / '94

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SEC Wheels

Catalog for the "Show Car"
inspired "Robo" wheel

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