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 Last Updated:
May 18, 2002

Below is a selection of packaging designs. Click on any image for more information and a larger view.

Viam Floormat Header

Viam Manufacturing makes automotive aftermarket and dealer installed floormats for both domestic and imported cars and trucks. They are sold across the USA as well as in Canada and Mexico.

Also shown on the page for this product are the French version plus the US and French versions of the truck mat packaging.

BreechLok Pistol Lock Box

BreechLok is a patented mechanism for child-proofing any type of handgun. See the entire printing and die-cut layout in the larger view.

RB Package

Inline skate boxes designed for RollerBall International Inc. Exclusively for mass market retailers in the US and international hypermarkets, these colorful packages helped the products to stand out at retail.

RollerBall Helmet Box

Accessory packaging with graphics coordinated with the mass market inline skate boxes.

EzRiders Box

With RollerBall branded products moved upscale for sales at sporting goods accounts and specialty stores, RollerBall International created a new brand identity for their mass market and hypermarket line. Called EzRiders, the new brand focuses on kids and beginning skaters of all ages.

Designed to "pop" at retail!

BreechLok ShotGunLok Box

ShotGunLok child-proofs shotguns via mechanism that locks into the side ejection port of the gun, prohibiting the action to function.

See the entire box with die-cut outlines in the larger view.

SEC Racing Wheels Box

SEC, a brand of Senter Engineering Corporation, sold both "street" and "racing" aftermarket alloy wheels. This is the package created for the "racing" wheel line.

The box was a 2-piece telescoping design and could accommodate 14 - 17 inch diameters and rim widths from 6 to 19 inches.

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