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 Last Updated:
September 20, 2003

Below are examples of current  & past Web Sites, Online Stores and Sites that are in development.

BTG Motoring website

BTGMotoring.com —

Launched July, 2003.

This site provides an online store for those seeking aftermarket parts & custom accessories for their cars, trucks or SUVs.

BTG Motoring also features its own line of automotive products under the BTG™ trademarked label.

Click on the image at left to go to BTGMotoring.com, or Click Here for the BTGMotoring.com Store Map.


PT-Tuning.com —

Launched September, 2000, now in its 4th iteration, this site provides information to current and prospective owners of Chrysler's hottest new vehicle.

Complete with an online store, PT-Tuning.com has just been promoted to the "Top Sites Directory" on NBCi.com as one of the best sites on the Web.

Click on the image at left to go to PT-Tuning.com, or just  Click Here.

LCMCPA website

LCMCPA.com —

Launched December, 2001.

This site provides information for current and prospective clients of the C.P.A. firm LaRue, Corrigan & McCormick LLP, which is located in southern California's  San Fernando Valley community of Woodland Hills.

Click on the image at left to go to MCMCPA.com, or just  Click Here.

RollerBallSkates.com —

Online since June of 1998, RollerBallSkates.com has gone through several design phases. April of '99 marked the addition of an online store and September '99 was the launch date of a completely revised site, featuring an easier navigation structure and expanded  product and company information.

Click on the image at left to see a larger view (35kb) of the home page. (Use your browser's back button to return to this page.)

RollerBallSkates.com went off the Net in Dec. '03 due to the company no longer being able to have inventory for sale.

RollerBallSkates-com.jpg (35278 bytes)

Charette Design

Charette Designs —

Currently a work in progress, CharetteDesigns.com will showcase the interior designs of one of Hollywood's premiere Production Designers, Cynthia Charette.

Best known for her work on the Austin Powers movie and on many of Wes Craven's pics, she now is creating unique interior environments for the discriminating few.

Check out the "interiors" section of this site.

Go to RballDealerPage.jpg (31882 bytes)

RollerBall Dealers Page —

Launched in February of 2000, this B2B dealer's site allows domestic and international retailers and distributors to access information about RollerBall products, make real time inquiries on inventory availability, get quotes and to request order and shipping status.

Click on the image at the left to see a larger view (31kb) of the home page. (Use your browser's back button to return to this page.)

RollerBallSportsOnline —

Online store for RollerBall International Inc. begun in April of '99. I featured all of the RollerBall products currently available for shipping from their Los Angeles based warehouse.

Click on the image at right to see a larger view (35kb) of the Online Store Entry Page. (Use your browser's back button to return to this page.)

(This online Miva Merchant store is currently "offline" due to the company's lack of USA inventory.)

RollerBallSportsOnline left the net in Dec. '03 due to inventory of this innovative product no longer being available.

Go to RballSportOnline.jpg (36110 bytes)

Google Dance Tool

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